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Spring 2020

Key Dates

2019-2020 Dates

11/8/2019: HS Girls Winter League Registration Closes

11/15/2019: HS Girls Winter League Placement Complete

11/18/2019: HS Girls Winter League Schedules to Associations

12/7/2019: HS Girls Winter...

About the North Puget Sound League

North Puget Sound League (NPSL) is a competitive youth soccer league that is a partnership of Washington Youth Soccer District 1 and District 2 and their eleven youth soccer associations comprising over 57,000 youth soccer players.  NPSL’s mission is to supply a competitive venue to its teams that makes geographic sense and is not limited by District or Association boundaries, is economical in both cost and time, and ensures “like or comparable” competition.  The NPSL is sanctioned by Washington Youth Soccer.